Today’s gamers look not just for a good story and entertaining gameplay, but also stunning game art. With Arena’s career course 3D Digital Game Art & Design, you will understand game mechanics, role of game characters and the process & practices of game level designing. 3D game design is now fun! With this course, you will learn to produce concept designs for game characters & environments, model & digitally sculpt 3D game characters, create game asset textures, learn the process of rigging & animation of game assets and characters, and do character setup in Unreal Game Engine.

    • Game Art & Design Fundamentals


      • Introduction to Game Production Process
      • Art for Games
      • Light, Colour & Perspective Fundamentals
      • Game & Stories
      • Game Design Documentation
      • Designing Game Characters?
      • Game Mechanics
      • Concept Design for Game Character
      • Game Level Design – Process & Practices
      • Concept Design for Game Environment
      • Introduction to Game Engine
      • Game Concept Art Portfolio
    • 3D Game Asset Creation and Integration


      • Introduction to Blender
      • Game Asset Modeling
      • Retopology of Game Asset
      • Texturing of Game Asset
      • Game Character Modeling
      • UV Mapping, Texturing & Sculpting
      • Game Character Rigging
      • Game Character Animation
      • Character Setup in Game Engine
      • 3D Game Art Portfolio