BSc in Animation

Arena Animation Koramangala offers a variety of courses that enhances and nurtures your creative skills in the field of Animation.

Our centre is located in one of the prime locations in Bangalore, we can proudly mention that we have a record of training over 15,000 individuals to become animators!!!! since 1996.

We have a wide range of courses right from Print and Publishing to Advanced Animation in VFX, Graphic and Web Designing.
The newest member in the family of our course is " animation partnered with Jain University".

Through this partnership with Jain University in offering a degree in B.Sc Animation a lot of positive changes is foreseen.

Like the usual degree program, B.Sc Animation is a three years program too, however you wouldnt be sitting through long lectures but your creativity skills would be triggered to get the best out of you.
To train you in your passionate field we have the best of faculties, highly sophisticated labs with high end systems and a knowledgeable support team to clear your queries.

To be on par with the current trend which changes by the nano second our event calender for the academic is up-to-date. A few of the events that would be conducted are studio visits to the top studies in the city,These visits give students an insight on how the industry works and also helps them to connect what is taught in the classroom to what they experience during these visits.
Apart from the studio visits we also have specialists from the animation industry to conduct workshops at our centre Not to mention that these workshops are extremely productive and have always benefitted the students on a very positive note.

Apart from this our students showcase their works on a more interactive platform. Their works are showcased in the form of presentation wherin feedback is constructive which makes the students work even harder as the competitions are healthy ones.
which is organised goe the betterment of our students.

The next big question that you may have is regarding placements.Just like we have a record of training over 15000 animators we can proudly say that our students have been placed in reputed companies in good positions.

Bsc Animation Course

Bsc in Animation

Course description

On completing this course student will develop strong creative and technical abilities in Graphics and VFX.

The demand for VFX has been rising relentlessly with the production of movies and television shows therefore is a huge ascope gor Graphics and VFX fields which will open to students upon graduating. Degree in Graphics & VFX can load to a career which include marvelous avenues in the areas.

Jobs Titles

Learn design & graphics, and create your own Bsc Animation portfolio.

  • Graphic Designer Illustrator

  • Visualizer

  • Flash animator

  • Compositor

  • 3D Modeler

  • 3D Animator

  • Rigging artist

  • Pre-visualization Artist

  • Roto and Paint Artist

  • VFX artist and many more.

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Learn & apply the principles of good website design.

Design websites packed with creative & interactive elements.

Learn the fundamentals of typography, its scope, and application in web design.

Work with in-demand tools & technologies including HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash.

Create artworks, illustrations & 2D animation for the web.